CV Mr. Shigetake Murase

Mr. Shigetake Murase


Mr. Murase established WILLER’s original company in1994, aiming to develop a transportation solution like public transportation which highly contributes to the society. Started transportation business through Highway bus operation by WILLER EXPRESS in 2006 and operation of Kyoto Tango Railways in 2015. Developed Singapore headquarter in 2018.Currently pursuing the realization of transportation service where people can move freely without overly relying on their own private cars, in order to resolve the societal issues in Asia and ASEAN and creating local benefits through the innovation of mobility service. At the same time, dealing with environmental issues by utilizing new mobility technologies such as MaaS application, AI on-demand service “mobi” and, autonomous driving, to aim in realizing a sustainable society from enhancing the electrification of vehicles and increase of public transportation usage rate.