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Dr. Felix Christian Matthes

Research Coordinator Energy and Climate Policy, Öko-Institut

Dr. Matthes is an expert in the field of German, European and international decarbonization strategies, energy system modelling, energy and climate policy mix, energy market design and energy technology assessments. He gained his MEng in Electrical Engineering from the Leipzig University of Technology, his PhD in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin in 1999 and joined Oeko Institut in 1997. Since 2009 he is Research Coordinator for energy and climate policy at Oeko Institut. He was member of the Advisory Group of the European Commission for the EU Energy Roadmap 2050 in 2011, the Study Commission of the German Bundestag on Sustainable Energy from 2000 to 2002, the German Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment (“Coal Commission”) in 2018/2019 and serves as a member of the National Hydrogen Council since 2020.