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Mr Christopher Kardish

 Advisor at adelphi and the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership

Christopher Kardish is a Carbon Markets Advisor at adelphi and the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), an intergovernmental forum on emissions trading systems (ETSs). He specializes in the design of ETSs through ICAP’s Technical Dialogue Workstream, which produces research on aspects of ETS design and convenes member jurisdictions for exchanges on these issues. His main technical area of focus is carbon leakage and economic competitiveness, including free allocation, alternatives to free allocation (e.g. border carbon adjustments), and industrial decarbonization. He is a co-author of ICAP’s 2020 report “Carbon Leakage and Deep Decarbonization: Future-proofing Carbon Leakage Protection.” Through adelphi, he has also supported the European Commission and the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) on analysis of carbon leakage protections and alternatives to free allocation.