CV Mr Benjamin Ott

Mr. Benjamin Ott

Research Associate, Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (IER), University of Stuttgart

Mr. Benjamin Ott is a research associate at the Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (IER) in the research department “Efficient Energy Use” under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Radgen at the University of Stuttgart. He studied mechanical engineering at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover from 2014 to 2021, where he received his bachelor's and master's degrees, specializing in energy and process engineering. Since 2021, he has been researching and working on topics and issues related to the use of waste heat from data centers and how their potential can be raised and used to decarbonize the heat supply in Germany. In addition, he is the research group leader "Waste Heat and Data Centers" in his research department. In his doctoral thesis, he aims to make the data centers of the future even more sustainable and energy- and resource-efficient. The focus is on making waste heat from data centers more attractive and integrating it into existing and new structures.

In the project “Bytes2Heat” (2021 - 2024) supported by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, the barriers to the use of waste heat in data centers are analyzed individually, solutions are developed in a collaborative, creative co-development process, pilot projects are carried out, and best-practice paths are identified. In cooperation with the project partners (DENEFF & IWN), 3 pilot projects for waste heat recovery from data centers in Germany are to be started until 2024.