CV Ms Yuko Nishida

Ms. Yuko Nishida 

Senior Manager Climate Change, Renewable Energy Institute, Japan

Ms. Nishida joined Renewable Energy Institute in 2017. She specializes in policy making of sustainable development in cities, sustainable architecture and urban planning. Before joining the Institute, she worked for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on climate policies and international environmental cooperation projects. She has collaborated with C40 cities, the global network of mega-cities committed to addressing climate change, and was responsible for compiling the publication of “Urban Efficiency,” a series of case studies on energy-saving measures for urban built environment. She has a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. At Renewable Energy Institute, she is responsible for medium to long-term strategy development for decarbonization in Japan and provides support for energy transition projects in the building sector as well as climate change measures for non-state actors such as local governments and the business sector.